Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Saucy Bus

I took the bus west on Lawrence.  The bus driver yelled, “Get AWAY from the dang back door!  Didn’t I tell you?  MOVE IT!”  The young man scooted from the back door.  He moved two inches to his left.  The bus was packed.

An old man walked in the bike lane and the bus pulled over to its stop.  The old man walked up to the bus driver’s window and stood peering in.  He smiled.  As the bus drove away, the driver commented, “Man, you are ALWAYS in my WAY!  Every DANG TIME!”  The driver was a woman.

The news today, according to E!

The interview was on site at the elevator that had stopped.  The video footage showed a woman laughing, “Don’t shake the elevator!”  Cut.   A young girl said, “I have to pee!  I have to pee!”    Cut.  The interview commenced with a victim revisiting the site.  The Hollywood reporter asked, "How does it make you feel to stand right outside the same doors that, just yesterday, trapped you inside?"  The victim replied, “It gives me the shivers.”  Cut.  “Once the people were out of the stopped elevator, their petrifying journey did not end there,"  the reporter told.  "The victims then had to take yet another elevator to get to safety.”  Cut.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My bangs are kinky.

I used to have the straightest and finest hair.  Ever since I had my daughter, one year ago, my hair becomes kinky in this Chicago summer air.  Today, my hair resembles the 80’s perm I had when I was twelve.  It did not look good when I was twelve, either.

There are bugs.

We have wasps hanging out on our deck.  They have now built two small nests behind our grill along the railing.  We had them exterminated.  They are back.  Eviction is difficult to execute according to Chicago Law.

My feet. Are Swollen.

Ever since I had my daughter, one year ago, my feet and ankles swell.  This is new.  My sister and I were lounging in the pool.  My feet were poking out of the water.  She said, “Ew!  What are all those lumps on your feet?”  My sister is a nurse.  

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